One Small Step, Four things I realized during this time of change

I had this thought the other day while stepping out of the shower, how one small step can make all of the difference. In the case of the shower, I can slip of course, but most often I am not slipping as I step out of the shower. In thinking about it deeper, that one step I take is bringing me closer to my goal. Whether I am showering for a night out with friends, getting ready for work, or after an intense sweat sesh at the gym so I can eat and rest on the couch (or in bed). Whatever it is, we shower we step out (safely), and get closer to what it is we want to achieve.

As start launching my small business (for the third time), I am noticing the abundance of things to get done to get to where ultimately I would like to be, and at the same time noticing how easy for me to look at this to-do list (or even worse) at what other people are doing and think "I'm never going to get this done", or "wow he/she is killing it, how did they do that so fast" or "what if I completely fail at this", "what if this person, thing, or job isn't for me". This thought pattern can go on and on. Seems to be heightened during this growth phase of my life and career.

Of course, none of these thoughts are helpful, nor will they get me anywhere in life or create business success. I could probably write endless blogs about what I have tried and what I am doing now to help manage these thoughts but I will say this one thing plainly. These are simply thoughts, not reality and I am not my thoughts.

"Put your attention on what you want to have happen and be for it, and watch the magic unfold" - Baron Baptiste

Four things I have realized during this time of change:

Growth is hard, breathe.

Growth can look like a whole bunch of things so I can't say what exactly "identifies" growth or how it will look like for you. For me, it has been doing extremely uncomfortable things. Again what is extremely uncomfortable for me is maybe a walk in the park for you, and that's awesome. I have recognized for me what brings out that cringe-y "ugh this sucks and I feel super awkward" feeling, I learned to breathe through it. Taking a big breath in, I feel the air fill up my lungs, then I face that shit and let it go! Notice how good you feel after. At least for me, when I realize I survived that cringe-y awkward moment and it ended better than I thought it could, I feel accomplished and so proud of myself! I have learned that one "awkward: step leads to big personal gains = growth.

You don't have to take everyone's advice.

This one was tough for me. As a natural people-pleaser, I seek approval for my thoughts, actions, and decisions. I want to make sure I am making the best choice. But, I have learned that discussing business ideas with friends, family, etc. allows for unsolicited and unhelpful advice that in turn makes me question my initial thought on the idea. Totally unproductive. Of course, there are times when advice may be needed, but when the advice starts to contradict my philosophy and goals that is when I know it is not for me to implement. Instead, I have found better success in keeping my intentions to myself working on them without asking for an opinion on how it looks, or if I am doing it right, etc. I am doing things that align with my beliefs, values, and ultimate business goals. The way I do things will be different and may look different than what was suggested to me or different from what the other yogi, nutritionist/dietitian is doing, and that's probably a good thing!

Comparison kills...

The spirit, the soul. It is the true thief of joy.

Comparison is an energy drainer and I cannot so proudly say it was part of the reason why my first two attempts at starting this business failed. My line of work is filled with what I now view as healthy competition. As a Registered Dietitian in private practice I have my fellow RD colleagues to consider who provide similar service to clients, but also others with nutrition certifications aka nutritionists and even chiropractors, physical therapists, personal trainers, and Instagram influencers who give out nutrition advice. Early in my career, I struggled to accept the fact that all these other disciplines provide nutrition advice and would compare their success to my lack of success and eventually give up. This time around, I approach these thoughts much differently. With 7 billion people in the world, there is surely room for all of us in the nutrition services world. Not only that, how I define success and how I arrive at it will be different than anyone else. This is my unique journey.

In hopes of discontinuing these nutrition silos, in 2019 I decided to start a networking group in Houston called Clutch City RDs intending to unite all nutrition professionals, PTs RDs, Chiropractors, and Nutritionists alike to meet quarterly, to network and create connections in the field. hopefully will have more meet-ups coming soon!

Always do your best.

Sometimes my best looks like waking up early, getting a nice breakfast in before knocking out everything on my to-do list, leaving my 9-5 then getting a solid yoga or workout in after meeting with clients. Other times my best is taking a moment to say no to invites or events, not getting much done for the day, but taking time for myself in meditation or nature. No matter what, keeping this mindset of doing my best has helped me to feel better and has lessened the burden of expectations I put on myself and my business. If I always do my best in my interactions with people, in relationships, in decision making, and client sessions I can rest easy knowing that I gave it my all, spoke with good intentions, and provided quality interaction. Understanding that perfection is unrealistic, I can create posts, and resources to promote myself to the best of my ability without second-guessing myself. In my yoga practice, I can take class and attempt postures and poses with this mentality and leave feeling satisfied with myself and in my body, and with nutrition I can make choices that fuel my body within my capabilities like taking my vitamins and drinking water.

We all can't be perfect but we can do our best.

Starting a business is challenging and growth is uncomfortable but each day I am realizing that by doing these hard, uncomfortable things I am bringing myself one step closer to where I want to be.

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